Nahe am Wasser (2020)

  • heute

A voiceless chanting head modelled out of loam.

After the head was finished, it has been placed unfired in the water of a pond. The pond next to which the loam for the head was found. So taken from there, given back again.
The water decomposed the body immediately, while bubbles of air silently rose to the surface and seemed to be escaping from the head.
Doing so felt like a ceremony to me: Taking the loam, near the pond in the forest next to my parents‘ house, and attending the decomposition of the voiceless chanting head, has been encompassed by a mixture of multilayered emotional and symbolic meanings to me. Wounds and hopes, anger, mourning, farewell, new beginnings, finding one’s voice again after a period of voicelessness.

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yesterday today tomorrow
voiceless songs
from the pond in the forest at home